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Comtesse Super Mini

This was an improved version of the successful but dangerous Mini Comtesse, utilizing the Motobecane motor of the Comtesse Break and four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Its amusing Dalek-like shape once again accommodated a single driver.

More Acoma designs followed, including the Comtesse Super Coupe, Comtesse Super Sport, Star and Starlette. All had 50cc motors, except for the Star, which had 125cc.

In its heyday, it was the largest micocar manufacturer, putting out 3,500 cars of all types in 1979.

Manufacturer: Acoma, Saint Barthelemy-D'Anjou

Model: 780

Motor: Motobecane, 2-stroke Body: Fiberglass
Years Built: 1978 - 1981 No. Cylinders: 1 Chassis: Tube
No. Produced: 3 000 per Year (all models) Displacement: 48cc Suspension Front: Coil
No. Surviving: Horsepower: 3 Suspension Rear: Coil
Length: 1 800mm Gearbox: Auto Steering: rack& pinion
Width: 1 170 mm Starter: Electric Brakes: hydr.
Weight: 190 kg Electrics: 12 v 3 Wheels: 3.50 x 8"
Interior: Bench Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 39 kph

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