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1949 Crosley Farm-O-Road Original Prototype

Powell Crosley had made a fortune before the war manufacturing radios and refrigerators. He had a dream to start his own automobile company in 1939 to make a range of small cars, vans and trucks powered by air-cooled 2cylinder engines. Crosley was also interested in farming and developed the Farm-O-Road based on the original JEEP to be a dual-purpose vehicle, but on a much smaller scale.

It had 2 gear ranges with six forward speeds. It could pull farm implements, front and rear optional power takeoffs could handle a number of tools.

When not used in the fields, the Farm-O-Road could take to the streets with a top speed of 40-50mph. A fabric top and side curtains were available for protection from the elements.

It was not a sales success though with only about 600 units built during its lifespan.
Built in 1947 and tested and modified through 1949. The Farm-O-Road went into production and was sold for 3 years 1950-1952.
Crosley motors went bankrupt in 1952, but the Farm-O-Road was brought back later as the Crofton Bug by the Crofton Marine Engine Company. But even then only around 200 examples were built.

This is one of 2 prototypes built, the existence of the other is unknown.
Most of the pictures in the sales catalogs and promotional posters were of this vehicle.

Manufacturer: Crosley Motors Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, U. S. A.

Model: Farm-O-Road prototype

Motor: Crosley Cobra Body: Steel & Alum.
Years Built: 1947-1949 No. Cylinders: 4 Chassis: Steel Frame
No. Produced: 2 Displacement: 724 cc Suspension Front: Leaf Spring
No. Surviving: 1 Horsepower: 26.5 Suspension Rear: Leaf Spring
Length: 91.5" Gearbox: 3 speed + Rev. Steering:
Width: 48" Starter: Electric Brakes: Hydraulic
Weight: 1240 lb Electrics: 12 v 4 Wheels: 12 x 4.5
Interior: 2 seats Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 50 mph

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