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1959 "KING" (Fram King Fulda)

The Fuldamobil S-7 was built in Germany in 1957, but was also licensed to be built elsewhere.

This included Sweden, where the basic components were imported and a locally made Body and Chassis were used.

Initially called the FRAM KING FULDA (or FKF for short), the name was shortened to “KING” in 1959 apparently after complaints from bearing manufacturer: SKF.

This car is a “KING

Production ended in 1962 after about 400 cars had been produced

Manufacturer: AB Industrikompaniet King, Hälsingborg Sweden

Model: KING Motor: Fitchel & Sachs 2-stroke Body:Fibreglas
Years Built: 1957-1962 No. Cylinders: 1 Chassis:Tube
No. Produced: ~400 Displacement: 191 cc Suspension Front: Coil Strut
No. Surviving: few Horsepower: 9.5 Suspension Rear: Coil
Length: 3200 mm Gearbox: 4 fwd, 4 rev Steering: Rack & Pinion
Width: 1450 mm Starter: Dynastart Brakes: Cable (front only)
Weight: 330 kg Electrics: 12v 3 Wheels: 4.40 x 8"
Interior: 2 + 2 seats Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 85 km/h

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