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1963 Messerschmitt KR-200 Cabrio

This is an interesting late production example of an original factory Cabrio.

The term Cabrio refers to a convertible where the car retains a full, proper set of hard side windows, sometimes even retaining a fixed set of side window frames which did not fold down. This is in contrast to the roadster style, in which the soft side curtains were completely demountable. Genuine Cabrios were all FMR-built, having been introduced in 1959. An original one can be picked out by the metal header shield, thin bows, German-pattern fasteners, plain tan colour inside and natural cotton webbing with a red stripe. A top boot cover with silver piping was always included.

This rare, fascinating example of a "Scooter a Cabine" was purchased in Paris, France in July of 1963. It features French-spec yellow lights, fender lamps, many accessories and a unique set of bumpers with rubber inserts.

Manufacturer: Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau, Regensburg, Germany

Model: KR-200 Roadster, Convertible Motor: Fichtel & Sachs, 2-storke Body: Monocoque
Years Built: March 1958 - August 1964 No. Cylinders: 1 Chassis: None
No. Produced: 30,286 Displacement: 191 cc Suspension Front: Rubber
No. Surviving: n/a Horsepower: 9.7 Suspension Rear: Rubber
Length: 2 830 mm Gearbox: 4 + rev Steering: Direct
Width: 1 270 mm Starter: Dynastart Brakes: Cable
Weight: 230 kg Electrics: 12 v 3 Wheels: 4.00 x 8"
Interior: 2 seats tandem Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 100 kph

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