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1945 Velocar Type H a Moteur

The French population had pedaled their way through the five fuel-less years of the occupation. Perhaps it was a new world now and they were tired of pedalling. Nevertheless, Georges Mochet had taken note of the private fitting of off-brand motors to his Velocars before and during the war , and decided to offer a factory designed, motorized vehicle himself.

The pedals-only, wood-bodied Velocar Type H already had the flat vertical "cut off" rear ready to accept a fuel tank. It was a small matter to delete one set of pedals and to fit a windscreen as standard to create the "a Moteur" version. There was no separate starter, one simply pedaled off and engaged the motor. A separate handbrake was introduced, and a full top and sidescreen set- as fitted to this car- was an optional extra at 8500 francs.

Manufacturer: Etabl. Ch. Mochet, Puteaux (Seine), France

Model: Velocar Type H Motor:Zurcher 2 str. Body: Wood
Years Built: 1945 - 1948 No. Cylinders: 1 Chassis: Steel Tube
No. Produced: 650 Displacement: 99cc Suspension Front: Spring
No. Surviving: n/a Horsepower: 2 hp Suspension Rear: None
Length: 2 300 mm Gearbox: 2 spd Steering: Spindles
Width: 1 260 mm Starter: Bump by pedal Brakes: Cable
Weight: 80 kg Electrics: 6 v 4 Wheels: 450 x 55"
Interior: Bench Ignition: magneto Top Speed: approx. 35 kph

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